Saturday, December 25, 2010

In the barn

We went to the barn to feed this afternoon and what a surprise was waiting for us! A hawk had flown into the barn. Looking for mice or Ms. Quail? (We have one female quail who has taken up residence in our barn) Quite a shock for Jeff and I! A beautiful bird to behold!
It has begun to snow again. I love a white Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today I started my first farmhouse cheddar. It will test my patience. I have to age the cheese at least 2 months before I can try it. Since Clementine gave us a baby heifer early, I am back in milk!! I love having fresh milk every day. Such possibilities. We do tend to drink most of it. I also made butter today. Lovely fresh butter!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Delay

Well, I have not covered myself in glory by posting often. It has been a crazy summer. I did get a cow and boy has she made a different morning routine. Jeff and I milk her faithfully every morning. Now that we have a routine down, we will have to "dry her off" before her calf comes at the end of November. We will not longer get milk in a few weeks.

We are also building a new chicken coop and shelter for the cow. The building also includes a room for feed and to set up the milker. Then I will be able to milk by myself and Jeff can get to work on time. (maybe).

The cow I have decided is part cat. She is so curious and usually gets herself in trouble. The picture shows her climbing up bales to get to the alfalfa hay she loves. I will be so glad to get her out of the barn. Shoveling poop several times a day is tiresome and the barn is not user friendly anymore.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Weather Break

Today is beautiful. I declared it canning weather...the kids think I am nuts. I am canning zucchini pickles and garlic jelly. Neither one caught much interest. I was redeemed with grilled cheese and chips.

The zuchinni and squash are growing well. (Don't leave an unlocked car in my drive) I will be taking some to my sister's house and canning it in many ways. My freezer is already full of zucchini!

I also harvested a lot of garlic. I like to dry it and use a spice grinder to make my own garlic powder. Much better flavor. I also have roasted in the freezer. Hopefully garlic jelly will be good.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ms. Brown

I have been milking Ms. Brown for about a week now. I am getting over a quart in the morning and letting her kid have her the rest of the day. I like milking and the sense of self-sufficiency that comes from it.

It is satisfying to make something from the milk or to just serve it with dinner for the family.

I will be going to get a milk cow in early August. I cannot wait. Hopefully all of the practice with Ms. Brown will help me be ready for the quantity of milk I will receive from the cow. I am very excited!!!