Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tourteau de Chevre

I recently ordered Dorie Greenspan's cookbook Around My French Table. I want to improve my skills. I have seen several food blogs about this cookbook and several good reviews. What hooked me was the review that expressed the opinion that Dorie Greenspan is very much like a modern Julia Child. Well, I grew up around Julia Child. My Dad used her cookbooks and I remember seeing her cooking shows. My Dad taught me the love of good food. Cook from scratch and don't be afraid to try something.

I finally received my cookbook and I began to peruse. I happened upon a recipe for Tourteau de Chevre. I had some Chevre (goat cheese) in the fridge that I had made the week before that needed to be eaten. So I jumped right in a started the recipe. The directions are easy to follow and well thought out.

Oh my!!!! What a wonderful pie like creation!!!! I have always liked cheesecake, but find it almost too sweet. This tourteau is not too sweet and very light. Heavenly. It is great warm and cold. It really doesn't need anything else to accompany.

I think I am really going to enjoy this cookbook!!!