Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Delay

Well, I have not covered myself in glory by posting often. It has been a crazy summer. I did get a cow and boy has she made a different morning routine. Jeff and I milk her faithfully every morning. Now that we have a routine down, we will have to "dry her off" before her calf comes at the end of November. We will not longer get milk in a few weeks.

We are also building a new chicken coop and shelter for the cow. The building also includes a room for feed and to set up the milker. Then I will be able to milk by myself and Jeff can get to work on time. (maybe).

The cow I have decided is part cat. She is so curious and usually gets herself in trouble. The picture shows her climbing up bales to get to the alfalfa hay she loves. I will be so glad to get her out of the barn. Shoveling poop several times a day is tiresome and the barn is not user friendly anymore.